With the legalization of cannabis in many countries in America or Europe, medical experts have been changing their minds about the benefits of marijuana. Although the use of recreational cannabis remains a bit controversial, many people agree with the new position of Sanjay Gupta (an American neurosurgeon and media reporter) and believe that cannabis should already be legal for its medical marijuana benefits.


Cannabis can be used to treat glaucoma, reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco and improve lung health. It can also help control epileptic seizures and decreases the symptoms caused by Dravet’s syndrome, a severe seizure disorder. A chemical found in marijuana prevents cancer from spreading. THC slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, relieves the pain of multiple sclerosis and certain types of muscle spasms. The benefits of marijuana help with Crohn’s disease, help soothe tremors for people with Parkinson’s disease and helps veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.


Medical marijuana benefits also help protect the brain after a stroke and protect the brain from concussions and cranial trauma. It helps to reduce nightmares. Cannabis reduces the pain and nausea of chemotherapy and stimulates appetite. Marijuana can help people trying to reduce their alcohol intake. It also reduces the side effects of hepatitis C treatment and increases the effectiveness of treatment, treats inflammatory bowel disease, relieves the discomfort of arthritis, keeps you thin, helps your metabolism and improves symptoms of Lupus. Marijuana for depression is also a good alternative to Zoloft, Prozac, Paxil… Researchers have also determined that medical marijuana for migraines is doing miracles. GO CANNABIS!!!