13 Dawgs is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created
through a cross of the sharp and powerful G13 (/marijuana-strains/indicadominant-hybrid/g13) X Chemdawg (/marijuana-strains/indica-dominanthybrid/chemdawg) strains. This powerful bud is best known for its harsh-smell yet
surprisingly sweet flavor. 13 Dawgs has an aroma of sharp tobacco and citrus with a
hint of pungent diesel. On the other hand, its taste is of sweet floral earth with a
hint of savory tobacco that sits pleasantly on the tongue upon exhale. This bud has
small to medium-sized light forest green nugs that are covered in minty green
twisty leaves, a spattering of fiery orange hairs, and a thick frosty layer of tiny
crystal white trichomes. 13 Dawgs has a well-balanced high that is powered by a
strong THC level of up to 19% and an insanely high CBD level of 10% on average.
The 13 Dawgs high hits first in the mind with a euphoric and uplifting soaring head
high that provides an automatic mood boost and an immediate wiping of all
negative thoughts or feelings. These cerebral effects are accompanied by a relaxing
body buzz that doesn’t cause you to become sedated in any way. These effects
make 13 Dawgs the perfect strain for treating conditions such as depression, muscle
cramps or spasms, chronic fatigue, chronic stress, and appetite loss

Indica 50% / Sativa 50%

THC 21%

CBD 10%

CBG 0.01%

CBC 0.05%


Terpene profiles

<0.01% linalool

<0.01% caryophyllene oxide

<0.01% myrcene

<0.01% beta-pinene

<0.01% limonene

<0.01% terpinolene

0.68% alpha-pinene

0.22% humulene

0.09% caryophyllene