Many newcomers in the world of weed extracts overlook many things when it comes to buying extracts which leads many to end up buying poor quality extracts or getting overcharged. The following info will help you to protect yourself against unhealthy extracts and from dealers or vendors trying to overcharge you.


First of all, will discuss about shatters which our the most famous and bought of all types of weed extracts. Shatter is usually made either from a “Bud Run” which means that only weed nugs were used to extract the THC and not shake/trim(leafs). One of the common rules of making shatter is to purge it for at least 100 hours to make sure all the butane was extracted. Once purged your bud run shatter should be of glass texture, bright yellow or orange color and clear. Many consumers like to ask if the shatter “pull and snap” which means that the shatter should be flexible enough to pull and stretch but should also snap when applied enough pull. The average bud run shatter is about 80%THC and goes for around 35$-50$ a gram, which a lot less then a few years ago where shatter was nearly 100$ a gram. Bud runs give out the real flavors and smells of the strain used.


Trim run shatter is made through the same extraction process as bud run shatter but instead the THC is extracted from trim/shake(leafs). From the data from the past years their is not solid proof that trim run shatter has lower THC levels but some speculate that the high last a little shorter. The big difference from trim runs are the looks, smells and flavors. Trim run have more of a brown clear colour. The smell more like plant material since more plant material and plant waxes get extracted. The flavor is the big difference, trim runs have more of a earthy and harsher taste. Why do people smoke trim shatter? Its because trim shatter is worth around 15$-30$ a gram. Many consumers on a budget don’t mind that the flavors and smells are milder because the potency is similar and the price is a lot lower. Many dealers try to rip of newcomers by selling them trim run shatter for the price of bud run shatters so always look at the colors and texture of shatters that your purchasing.


This next info will help you to avoid unpurged shatter which is extremely unhealthy. Unpurged shatter is when the extractors don’t purged the extracted shatter long enough leaving behind butane is the shatter. Unpurged shatter is often referred as “Poop Soup” since it is wax/liquid form and has a brown color to it. When lit, sparkles can be see popping from the shatter which is butane bubbles getting burned. The burning bubbles will make a small crackling noise. You must avoid this type of shatter at all times. Smoking unpurged shatter is basically smoking butane. Don’t get confused with wax because some waxes are fully purged and are great to smoke and vape. The usually don’t have such a brown color to them as Poop Soup but they do resemble themself. Always beware of the wax you buy so that you don’t end up with more quality unpurged shatter or wax.


Never buy your extracts from a non-reputable extractor because making good quality extracts is a art and it takes years of trial and error and studying to become a professional. Good quality shatter has a ton of great benefits and it gives out some of the best highs from any weed extracts. Don’t let a bad extract ruin your views on weed extracts so always do your research on the extraction company or person and always give a good look at the product before purchasing.