When it comes to buying yourself your first concentrate rig/bong many newcomers or even experience smokers do not know the full pros and cons between quartz, titanium and ceramic nails. Every material give out different flavors, have different time frames to heat up, durability and many more pros and cons that can affect your choice on your next nail purchase.

To start off we will talk about the different taste between materials. Titanium nails are somewhat hated by concentrates connoisseurs because it gives out little metallic taste that hide the exact taste of the concentrates which many find unpleasant. Titanium heats up extremely quickly, between 20-30 seconds of heating with a torch which will be just enough to create combustion. Many amateurs heat the titanium too long and take their dab when the nail is too hot which makes the dab taste like harsh burning plastic which is extremely unpleasant. Titanium has great heat retention so after heating it up for 20 seconds, you can take your time and make sure the nail isn’t to hot before taking a hit. It can be great for big smoke sessions where multiple people heat it up because it is incredibly strong and will never crack.

The following material is quartz which is considered the best material for a nail. Quart nails are nicknamed bangers. A quartz nail can be male or female depending on the shape and size for the fitting on the oil rig. Quartz nails can shatter extremely quickly if heated for a long duration. The right heating time is around 5-10 seconds which will make it just hot enough to give out the best flavors a oil rig can give out. Depending on the thickness a quartz nail heat retention is shorter than titanium and ceramic but still does a good job. Quartz nails need a lot more maintenance than others because after every hit a Q-tip should be use to brush off the residue that is left at the bottom of the nail because over time the residue will stain the quartz and make it weaker. Residues will smoke up while heating the nail when not properly cleaned which can change the taste when inhaling your following hit.

The finally material is ceramic which is a little less known than the first two materials. Similar like the quartz, ceramic gives out the full and exact taste of the concentrates without affecting it at all.  Ceramic takes a while to to heat up, around 30+ seconds for a normal size nail which can be semi frustrating for big concentrates smokers. Butane is cheap and can add up after multiple torch fill ups. Once heated ceramic has great heat retention which compensates the fact that it take a while to heat up. Just like the quartz nail, ceramic will crack after a while of usage.

Full time dabbers are now make their life simpler and saving money on butane by buying electric enails. Enails are made up of a electric heating element that wraps around the base of the nail to heat it up at your preferred temperature and keep it stable at that temperature. Keeping a nail heated up can be dangerous so always make sure to be around the enail while its on. Using a enail on quartz will lead to it cracking. New hybrid nails are perfect for enails. A hybrid nail has a titanium base, where the heating element is attached but has a quartz top to get the amazing taste that quartz offers.

Every different nail material have their pros and cons and it’s up to you to figure out which material fits the best to our smoking preference when it comes to flavors, safety and time.