Concentrates are taking over the world of cannabis by storm in the past few years and there’s no wonder why. The main components in cannabis such as THC, CBD and CBN can be found in higher quantities in small amounts of concentrates which can have great benefits for anyone who doesn’t want to inhale or ingest large amounts of cannabis to gain all the potential benefits.


The most known technique to inhale concentrates is by dabbing them. Dabbing is when a titanium, glass or quartz nail is fitted on a bong and then heated up with a torch. Once hot enough the concentrates are dropped onto the heated nail which then combust the concentrates and then inhaled through the bong. Dabbing is a great way to consume small amounts of concentrates without wasting any. Some newcomers to the world of cannabis might find that dabbing seems unhealthy but in fact it is extremely healthy since no lighter fluid is inhaled and good quality nails do create any harm. All kinds of concentrates can be inhaled by dabbing them without the worry of breaking any equipment.


The following technique is vaping. Vaping concentrates is a great way to medicate quickly without the hassle of heating up a nail. Always make sure that your vaporizer can handle concentrates. Most vaporizers will need a mixture of e-juice and liquid THC. Vaping concentrates without e-juice will break the coils after a short period of use. Finding liquid THC can be hard and expensive so many people will do a mixture of half e-juice and half with concentrates that they have melted and mix with the e-juice. Some vaporizers are exclusively for the purpose of smoking concentrates without e-juice. These vaporizers will need more maintenance such a cleaning and changing the coils since concentrates create a lot of residue. These little vaporizers combust the concentrates with the coils which makes it possible to take a couple of hits without consuming a lot of time. Bigger vaporizers that are mostly will actually vaporize the concentrates which takes longer but gives out really nice and unique flavors that cannot be found when using combustion based vaporizers.


Many first timers to concentrates end up getting their hands on some type of extract but do not have a dabber or a vaporizer and end up wondering how they can consume it without wasting it. The main technique would be to make a salad, which means to mix it with weed. Filling a pipe or bong bowl with weed and then topping it off with a concentrate is a great way to taste amazing flavors. The concentrate will melt onto the flower once heat is applied and will burn once the weed is burning. Rolling a joint with concentrates in it can be tricky because extracts such as shatter and wax are extremely sticky and can create a hassle with the rolling paper sticking to itself. Once rolled and lit be careful to not let the concentrates drip out of the joint. Rolling a little snake of shatter and putting it in the middle of the joint surrounded by weed is the best way to roll a nice joint that will burn evenly.


The final way is by ingestion which can be tricky if you are making them yourself. When eating edibles filled with concentrates, the effects are pretty similar  with edibles made with regular cannabis except the amount ingested. Most solid concentrates such as shatter as usually melted into sugar bases to create candy type edibles. Concentrates that are more liquid form such as oil can also be used to create edibles in candy form. Candy type edibles are really more enjoyable when the concentrate has been melted into the mixture and not just chunks of shatter. Biting in a piece of shatter can be quite unpleasant and have a overwhelming taste.


Concentrates are the future of the cannabis world and everyday the industry is expanding with new products and techniques that have great medical and recreational purposes.