Hash has been smoked around the world for centuries and many techniques to smoke it have emerged from all parts of the world. These following techniques are some of the common ways that stoners smoke their hash. Most hashes have THC levels of around 10-25%, which means that compared to weed, you can smoke or vape smaller quantities to obtain the same benefits and effects.


The first technique is to crumble the hash in small bits and pieces and then put it into a bong bowl or pipe bowl. Hash takes longer then herbs to burn so always be careful to not burn your fingers with the lighter when lighting a bowl with only hash in it. Adding weed is always great to help the hash burn quicker. When mixing it you will still be able to taste the hash flavors and smell it even though it’s mixed with weed in a bong or pipe bowl.


The second technique is to break the hash in little pieces and to roll it in a rolling paper. It is pretty common to find hash smokers who mix their hash only with tobacco when rolling it. The tobacco helps a lot to burn the hash. Rolling a joint of weed and hash will also burn well but  will be extremely potent which some beginners might find overwhelming. Many smokers burn their hash for a few seconds before breaking it into little pieces to accelerate the combustion process of the hash.


 The following technique is called Hot Knife which consist of heating the tips of 2 steel knife with a torch or the heating elements of the oven. Once the tips are extremely hot they should have a orange glow to them. Using a metal tool, you should drop a small piece of hash on one of the tips and squish the two tips together. The heat and pressure should make the hash combust and create a lot of smoke. This technique is for people who love the taste, smell and high of hash by itself. This technique can be dangerous so always be careful when using it.


Vaporizing is a technique that is rapidly growing in the past years. Hash can be vaped but always make sure that the vaporizer you have has strong enough coils for it to be able to burn hash without over heating them. Vaping hash gives it a nice body high in most cases and gives out more enhanced flavors. Breaking the hash into smaller pieces is recommended even though your vaporizer is able to vape hashes.


The final way is called Bottles Tokes which is still popular in the province of Quebec. The bottle toke technique is the unhealthiest technique to smoke hash but can be enjoyable from time to time. First of all you will need a plastic or glass bottle and make a hole big enough for 2 cigarettes to fit in on the side of the bottle, 1 inch before the bottom. When using a plastic bottle, use a lighter to burn the whole. Daily bottle tokers use diamond tip drill bits to make holes in the their glass bottles. Once the hole is made, break your hash into little bits and pieces and stick them onto the cherry of your cigarette. After a few seconds the hash should start to burn  so put the cherry in the hole of the bottle while holding the bottle upside down. The smoke of the hash is more dense than the cigarette smoke so the hash smoke will go at the bottom of the bottle where the cap is. Once the hash has stopped burning, take out the cigarette from the whole and open the cap while keeping the bottle upside down. Many people rather only inhale the hash smoke. This technique can be confusing but many hash smokers who smoke tobacco as well really enjoy this technique.