For decades Jamaica was known for exporting high grade cannabis and hashes around the globe including a high quality hash named Jamaican Red Gum. Many cannabis connoisseur from countries such as Canada, United States and the Netherlands would all wonder how this creamy potent hash would have it’s distinctive bright red and orange color making it a novelty in the hash world.

How it’s made

The Season

The name is pretty self explanatory meaning that the hash has a red/orange color and is sticky like gum. Being a tropical country most of Jamaican can have four outdoors growths a year which results in a lot of differences in the cannabis grown depending the season. Only during the hot seasons can Red Gum be produced because of the perfect weather which gives the Jamaican cannabis red hairs. During the cold seasons only Blue Gum can be made because the flowers do not contain the red hairs and plant material that give it the reddish look and instead makes a dark brown hash. Red Gum is super sticky but still malleable enough to play with in your hands.

The technique

Unlike many parts of the world, Jamaica makes most of its hash with live plants by rubbing the fresh flowers against their hands or even going to the length of running through fields with nylon coats. This technique originated from India, high in the mountains of the Himalayas where they call these hashes ‘’Charas’’. When rubbing the fresh flowers the sticky THC that has spend the whole day in the hot tropical sun then sticks to hands with the red hairs and other plant materials that give the Gum its red colors. It takes a lot of fresh cut cannabis and many hours of rubbing to make a substantial amount of Red Gum.

Final Product

The Jamaican Red Gum takes a long time make big quantities making it a really expensive hash. Many cannabis connoisseurs have described the Red Gum as having a super sweet and piny taste and a earthy/piney smell. It is extremely smooth on the lungs and really enjoyable flavors. The high is a nice even mix between a clean body high and a deep heavy head buzz which is unfamiliar for a import hash. Till this day and on many cannabis enthusiast from all over the world praise the Jamaican Red Gum for being a powerful hash that was ahead of its time when it comes to potency and flavors.