As the concentrates community keeps growing in Canada more and more users want to experience the wide variety of high quality concentrates available to the public. Canada’s wide range of experience extractors can give many newcomers a headache once trying to figure which new concentrate to try. One of the most frequently asked questions is “What is Live Resin”.

Live Resin is a type of concentrate that can be found in many different forms such as sugar wax, budder, shatter but it mostly seen as clear sap. What distinguishes Live Resin from different extracts is the plant material used in the BHO process. The plant material used for the extraction process was harvest and frozen right away. When drying and curing flowers the trichomes do not have the ability to conserve terpenes and other molecules that have vital flavors within them. When frozen the trichomes can retain the terpenes and molecules which will follow when extracted out. The temperature of the extracting machine needs to be extremely low while the extracting process to help the terpenes preservation of the final product.

The terpenes and other molecules that carry flavors can add a more psychoactive high when mixed with THC and CBD while combustion. Once fully purged the final product offers a extremely strong aromatic smell and taste but does necessarily contains a higher THC level then a non-live resin extract. Their is over 100 terpenes found in cannabis and using fresh frozen flowers for extraction gives the ability to extracts as many of does terpenes that each individual strain contains.

Live Resin originated in Colorado many years ago and has been circling the Canadian cannabis community for a few years now. Many experience dabbers consider Live Resin has the best type of concentrates to consume because of its rich and unique flavors that can be individually experience depending the strains of the fresh frozen flowers that were used. Live Resin has a bigger recognition in the recreational cannabis scene. The average price per gram in Canada goes between 40$-80$ and can go up to 160$ for premium quality Live Resin

In conclusion Live Resin will be a premium concentrate that has a big impact in the innovation of extraction and it will remain at the top when its comes to high quality extracts that truly giveaway the aromas and flavors of the strain of flower it was extracted from. As its popularity and competition among extractors keeps growing the prices will drop down and this will allow any cannabis user to be able to afford these high quality Live Resins and enjoy all of it greats benefits.